Afa Tac Series


Ultra-Removable is a versatile product that can be cleanly removed from most surface including newspapers, books, plastics, glasses and walls.

Unlike conventional permanent adhesive labelstock, which stains the surface when the surface material is peeled off, Ultra-Removable leaves no stains and can be reapplied after peeling off. Ultra-Removable is strong enough to stick on and on the other hand, easily peel off when required.

Ultra-Removable is commonly used for:

  1. Protective screens for LCD TV, computer screens & smart phones;
  2. Protective screens for glossy surfaces on refrigerators and electrical appliances to prevent scratches during transport;
  3. Branding and instruction labels for high-value items such as LCD TV, computer screens, smart phones, refrigerators and books;
  4. Stick-on advertisements on newspapers.


The face materials can be Cast Coated Paper/Mirrorkote Paper, Printing Paper/Woodfree Paper, Art Paper or any other face materials foundĀ here.

When placing your order, kindly indicate your intended purpose so that we may recommend the appropriate combinations of face material, adhesive and release liner.