Afa Tac Series


Grey Back is not see-through at all, concealing what lies underneath with a strong grey adhesive. It is an excellent product to effectively black-out wordings and prints underneath the face material. The Grey Adhesive does not interfere with the face material, ensuring the same quality colour print for your product.


Grey Back is widely used by distributors of popular brands of Korean and Japanese cosmetics products. Since most of these popular brands traditionally cater only to the local markets, instructions and product ingredients are usually printed in local languages. Grey Back is thus used to black-out the underlying prints with English or the intended languages.

Other common uses include blacking out printing errors on packaging.

The face materials can be Cast Coated Paper/Mirrorkote Paper, Printing Paper/Woodfree Paper, Art Paper or any other face materials found here.

When placing your order, kindly indicate your intended purpose so that we may recommend the appropriate combinations of face material, adhesive and release liner.