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Afa Tac’s products have been tested and certified under UL’s Marking & Labeling Systems Program since 1995. Refer to this list of products tested and verified by UL. >>

The Marking & Labeling Systems program covers labels and label materials that have been submitted to UL for evaluation in accordance with prescribed permanence of marking performance requirements so they can be used to display information on products. Most products are required to be permanently marked with specific safety-related information such as hazards, warnings, cautionary markings, installation instructions, electrical ratings, etc. Labels and label materials that comply with the Marking & Labeling System requirements fall under UL’s Component Recognition Program which provides a convenient way for manufacturers to acquire labels that meet performance of marking requirements applicable to their certified product. Marking & Labeling Systems are covered under the following four categories based on the type of product and end-use application.

Category Name
Category Code Number (CCN)
Marking & Labeling Systems
Marking & Labeling Systems – Printing Materials
Marking & Labeling Systems – Materials
Marking & Labeling Systems – Limited Use

Guidelines addressing the suitability of the label when used with the end product are included in the UL Report as “Conditions of Acceptability”. The Conditions of Acceptability generally cover application surfaces, temperature ratings, and additional exposure conditions for which the label was found acceptable. The Conditions of Acceptability may also include print color limitations, label size limitations, and special use applications. The Conditions of Acceptability for labels are also published in UL’s Component Online Directory.Labels and label materials Recognized under the first three category codes PGDQ2, PGJI2, and PGGU2 are tested in accordance with the test methods inANSI/UL 969, “Marking & Labeling Systems”. They are suitable for use on a wide variety of UL Certified products. Labels Recognized under the category code PGIS2 are evaluated in accordance with unique label requirements in a specific UL end-product Standard and are thus “limited in use” to the products covered under that standard.

The evaluation for Marking & Labeling Systems includes a construction examination and testing for permanency. Environmental conditioning of labels typically includes testing for exposure to high humidity or occasional exposure to water, elevated temperatures, sunlight resistance, or exposure to chemical agents. After the environmental conditioning, the labels are visually examined for curling, wrinkling, shrinkage, or loss of adhesion around the perimeter. Testing also typically includes evaluation of legibility, resistance to defacement, and adhesion.